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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  July 1, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning, i'm kristen sze. there are fewer firefighters and less equipment protecting the residents of san jose. the new year has ushered in a brownout of fire hazards. live at station 29 to show us what is happening. >> station 29 is one of two firehouses impacted by today's brownout. in order to understand what impact it's going to have. let me you crash course. this is a fire engine, hooks up who hydrants and sprays the
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fire. this is out of commission. there is no one here to drive it. what you are looking is at a fire truck. that is involved in rescue operations, there is someone here to drive that piece of equipment. half a firehouse, same situation in two other places. take a look what they are going to do. this is video from last week's fraternity fire on 11th street in san jose state, million dollar question, what impact will it have on people? 49 firefighters were laid off last year and station 33 closed down permanently. i pose that had question, what impact will it have on the people of san jose. >> what we are expecting today is delayed response time which means if you have a fire at your house, it will probably get bigger. a delay some responding to get emergency medical calls that will leave to compromise in patient care. and in seems to be no relief
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in sight, next year's bucket already looking like maybe more cuts may be necessary. i spoke with fire union president and he wants people to help out as much as they can. call 911 as soon as they see a fire, don't wait. the sooner firefighters the better they can do, and please no fireworks this 4th of july. they start fires and there are eight fewer firefighters and two fewer engines to respond. live in san jose, "abc 7 news." in oakland the city council passed a budget hours before the midnight deadline. the budget includes hiring back 22 police officers who were laid off a year ago. it will also keep libraries and fire stations open. most city workers will have to take 15 furlough days.
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>> everybody worked really hard. it was really close. i don't want to talks about specifics but the difference between the two was less than a couple hundred thousand dollars. oakland is facing the $58 million deficit. city approved a $28 million sale of the henry j. kaiser convention center. city unions agreed to give back more than $30 million in concessions. san francisco city leaders unveiled their $6.8 billion budget package this morning, the plan approved by the board's budget committee restores $5.5 million in funding for health and human services including substance abuse and mental health treatment the board also found three and a half million to fund a new police academy class. a full vote is scheduled for late july. >> golden gate ferries are
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running after a one-day strike was called off at the start of the commute. a very confusing day for riders. amy hollyfield joins us live from larkspur ferry terminal. >> reporter: behind the scene contract negotiations, it was a disastrous, confusing way. >> the strike was announced late yesterday so commuters didn't find out until they arrived at the ferry terminal around 4:30 this morning. >> it's sad. that moons i can't get home today. i better drive in. >> just as he was driving in to the city, the situation changed again. she was listening to the car. >> i was on my way in and then i heard it. i don't know, but it was crazy. i don't know why they were
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striking. >> commuters weren't the only ones confused. some ferry employees showed up to work telling us they didn't know there was a strike. turns out the threatened strike was really a negotiating tactic. >> it was to get an agreement. >> but it didn't work. after the union put out a press release about the strike, bridge officials then announced service was cancelled for the day because of the strike. union officials were stunned. >> in my 30 years i've never seen an employer take that tactic. >> they called off the strike saying they didn't want to inconvenience everyone but by then, commuters were caught in the middle. >> they just want to how unfortunate it is for our customers that the union felt it was the right way to go to call a strike and call it off. >> ferries ran without any problems but commuters in the future they would really not be a part of these labor
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negotiations. >> i depend on this mode of transportation to get to work. they need to work it out. >> reporter: sticking point, of course, people will soon be replaced by machines here in about a week. you won't see the ticket sell others, you'll see a ticket machine. both sides are expected to return to the negotiating table next week. at this point no strikes or being planned. heat wave begins to coincide with the 4th of july weekend. mike nicco is in the weather center with the very latest conditions. >> june is over and starting to get hot after record setting cool wet june. good morning to you. here is a look at the temperatures. in some areas are starting to warm significantly. you have to go all the way to the east bay valleys. 79 in antioch. still low 60s along the coast.
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half moon bay, 61. big story is how much warmer it is than yesterday. 2 degrees in fremont. 8 in livermore. we don't have much of a wind. that free air-conditioning is not around. 8 miles an hour winds at half moon bay. rest of us, check out the warming trend, santa rosa, 95 by sunday. 84 in oakland, san jose, concord and redwood city all in the 90s by sunday when the heat peaks. we'll talk about the potential for poor air quality in a minute. still ahead, a bay area social gaming company hopes to be the next big thing on wall street. a bombshell in a high profile sexual assault case. new details on the hotel maid. and fast food restaurants is more than burgers and fries, new
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with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the former head of the imf walked out of court free without bail this morning after a bombshell that could cripple the sexual assault case against them. prosecutors have reasons to not fully trust the hotel maid of her accusations of rape.
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>> dominique strauss-kahn walked out of court free on his own recognizance. they had reasons to reais says their case. >> although the case has been affected by the substance credibility issues we are not moving to dismiss the case at this time. >> they uncovered financial and telephone records that could link the hotel maid to criminal activity. a potential bombshell. he has been under home confinement from this manhattan apartment. 24-hour surveillance and electronic monitor. that was lifted during the hearing and the lawyers said they were thrilled. >> i think it's appropriate that on the eve of independence day we get to celebrate for dominique strauss-kahn and his family a bit of personal independence. >> a lawyer for the alleged victim, hotel maid who was an immigrant was outraged.
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>> only defense that dominique strauss-kahn has is that this sexual encounter was consensual. that is a lie. >> our prosecutors from the manhattan d.a.'s office will continue their investigation into these alleged crimes. >> her allegations have ended his career as director of the imf and put his ambition to be the next president on france on hold. prosecutors say they have evidence of a sexual encounter so they have not moved to dismiss the charges but defense attorneys called this a very good day. former monterey congressman lauren bacall begin his new job at secretary of defense. he was sworn in and arrived at the pentagon shortly after for first day on the job. he replaced robert gates. one of the first things he did was send a message to all troops
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and their families. >> as secretary of defense i will work to ensure that our nation continues to have the best trained, the best equipped and the strongest military in the world. >> he had been director of the c.i.a. for the past two and a half years. it will no longer be burger and fries at some fast food restaurants. you'll have to show your i.d. if you want to buy beer and wine. burger king opened bars in some areas. restaurants say they are trying to compete with casual dining. critics say fast food and fast alcohol could send the wrong message to children. another bay area internet company is going public. zynga is hoping to raise $1 billion.
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they are behind the popular farmville and several other games. it follows the recent ipos by pandora. all right you want to take stock in the weather forecast with the holiday weekend. it's really heating up. >> can't go wrong there. good investment. >> head to the coast, everybody else we have a heat wave coming and this will be the longest spell of heat for several years. a young daly city girl's special connection to a 14 foot long python. >> and day two of the royal couple's first trip to canada, unforgettable moment they shared with more than two dozen people today.
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britain's royal couple is
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making a splash in day two of their first overseas trip to canada. they greeted hundreds of spectators in ottawa. the duke and duchess watched 25 people become canadian citizens today. they handed out flags to the new citizens and joined them with their families making an already special day even more unforgettable for the new citizens. catherine was wearing a cream dress and red hat and queen's maple leaf roots. >> and prince albert got married in a civil ceremony to charlene woodstock a former olympic swimmer. the couple dismissed rumors and she tried to run away after rumors that he had a third legitimate child.
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>> the flags that catherine gave outer today, we better not see any on ebay. >> it was the weather to match the hats. i thought you would have noticed that. >> we'll be seeing a lot of grays and reds. >> show you what is going on right now. vollmer peak down on oakland. wouldn't be nice if there was baseball stadium in this picture. not that i'm advocating one for downtown oakland, but let's move on. south beach, to the right of this one would be at&t park but still looking at the cooler bay water. one of mini areas you can go to stay cool. sat had the pictures, as far as clouds along the coast. offshore flow is definitely working and definitely notice when you see the temperatures, already low to mid-70s around
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the bay shore. that does include downtown san francisco and already low 80s fairfield, livermore and los gatos and down to gilroy. we have low to mid-60s for monterey and santa cruz and mid-70s watsonville and salinas. warmer temperatures today and breezes will keep you cool near the coast. we're still waiting to those to develop as the holiday weekend unfolds. it will be comfortable around the coast day time hours. everybody is above until you get to redwood city, two degrees behind. we'll start in the east bay valleys, warmest weather, upper 80s and mid 90s antioch and brentwood. castro valley and fremont, near 80 and rest of shore, mid to upper 70s. low 80s for milpitas to about 85 in san jose. quite a spread in the south bay
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today. nationwide upper 70s, millbrae and san mateo. low to mid-80s to the rest of peninsula. mid to upper 70s around downtown san francisco and sausalito with mid-60s at your beaches. you see 90s creeping in and same things around gilroy. low to mid-70s for most of the monterey bay. gorgeous evening if you are heading over to the coliseum. 69 downed to 61 as the a's take on the diamondbacks. you can see the free air-conditioning for everybody. mainly in the 50s with a few 60s in the east bay valleys and down into the south bay. two areas of high pressure, one steering is the warm air up to us. one over the ocean keeping that offshore flow and marine layer clouds away from us. check out if you are heading up to the sierra, mid-80s up in tahoe where the falls are just
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incredible this year. accu-weather seven-day forecast, look at that seven days of mid to upper 90s inland. hazy sunday and monday. we could have spare-the-air day both of those days, mid 80s around the bay and cooler temperatures at the coast. nike has re-signed with michael vick. he spent 20 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to a dogfighting operation. he since then he is spokesman against dogfighting. he has acknowledged his past mistakes and supports the positive changes to be a better person off the field. they have helped name one of new residents at academy of sciences, 9-year-old won the online name the snake contest co-sponsored by abc7 to name an
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18 foot long python. they live in southeast asia. and that her come up with the winning name. >> carana is a nice name. and they took her a tour of the academy and how they take care of the creatures around the world. >> we've got another critter for you coming up and that is friday's perfect pet. mike will introduce us to a new friend.ñç//////?c?c?c
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coming up at 4:00 and 5:00, new tools to help you avoid a common barbecue problem. new generation of propane monitors and robots that doubles as a toy and a surveillance for parents trying to keep their eye on their kids. >> and today's perfect pet. mike will introduce us to a new friend. >> take a load off. like adorable. shift that way a little bit. here you go. from oakland spca with sugar pie. >> sugar pie is a two-year-old american pit bull mix. she is about 42 pounds which is kind of small for a pit, but she is more to hug.
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she is a very easy going as you can see. she would be fine with first time dog owners. be great with kids with a little supervision and as long as the other dog is nice she is great to play with other dogs, too. she didn't get her name by coincidence, she really is sugar pie. >> make sure you go see the site at spca or call them. learn more about that and also more about sugar pie. nice seeing you. >> have a great holiday weekend. >> thanks a lot for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. have a great day and
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